Our story

SMALL TOWN REBEL is a small female founded clothing and accessories brand, that specializes in designs that are strongly influenced by the Tattoo and Art scene, based in the Black Forest, Germany.

We produce vegan friendly clothing pieces, as well as unique and sometimes even handcrafted accessories and art pieces.


Meet our founder and designer, Kate
Working as a Tattooartist in everyday life,
I naturally love to create new interesting designs and wanted to bring them not just on skin,
but also on clothes and accessories for everyone to enjoy.



We want to cater to all the fellow misfits and rebels out there, and we want to create amazing pieces for YOU! Follow our social media and give us feedback or even design ideas, and maybe we'll even bring your idea to live! 




'I don't wanna waste my time  become another casualty of society, I'll never fall in line  become another victim of your conformity and back down'

-Sum41; fat lip